Slim Jab uses an FDA approved prescription medication which helps get rid of unwanted excess weight by working as an appetite suppressant. The process is simple: once a day a simple and painless injection is administered by you at home with an easy to use pre-filled and dose-adjusted pen. The medication helps control your appetite, curb your hunger and reduce the cravings we all have for sweet and fatty foods. Making it easier to make good choices to eat less and also more healthily, Slim Jab contributes to weight loss by having your body to tap into and convert your fat stores into energy. The results speak for themselves: the fat just melts away and pounds and inches disappear.

How does Slim Jab work?

Slim Jab is a weight loss program that uses an FDA approved medication that is delivered through daily injections you can administer yourself at home. The medicine works by steadying and maintaining the glucose levels in your blood which helps to suppress your appetite while ensuring that your body doesn’t put itself into starvation mode. By suppressing your appetite and helping you beat those calorie-laden cravings and also allowing your body to convert stored fat into energy, Slim Jab leads to weight loss in a safe and quick manner.

How much weight can I lose?

If you follow the program and the doctor’s instructions carefully, you can potentially lose between 1-2 stone in a period of approximately 4-6 weeks. However, due to individual differences, this level of weight loss cannot be guaranteed for everybody and your results may differ. The 1-2 stone guideline is an average amount of weight lost by our patients who have used Slim Jab in the past. Weight loss can be expected to increase when Slim Jab is paired with a healthy diet and moderate exercise regime determined in line with your calorie intake.

How quickly does it work?

Patients who start a course of Slim Jab can expect to see results almost immediately as the appetite suppressing effects of the FDA approved medication take effect. Most patients report a diminished appetite just a few days after starting the jabs, and as a result they begin to eat less and make more healthy choices leading to weight loss even during the first week of the plan. Dependent on your individual dosage plan as prescribed by our in-house physician, your medication should last approximately 3-4 weeks and in that time you can lose up to 1 stone.

How do I get started?

The first step on your Slim Jab journey is to book a consultation with our doctor, a UK-qualified GP with more than 36 years’ experience treating patients. During your consultation, which can be done in person at our clinic or via video chat, he will thoroughly review your full medical history in order to evaluate if Slim Jab is the right course of treatment for you. And to ensure that you are never alone on your weight loss journey, you will receive complimentary review appointments with your practitioner so that we can accurately monitor and record your weight, blood pressure, dose adjustments and blood glucose levels to ensure that everything is as it should be.

What do I need to do?

It’s simple! A simple and painless injection is performed daily with an easy to use dose-adjusted & pre-filled injection “pen”. Just set the dial to the dosage prescribed by our doctor and inject it under the skin of your abdomen. In order to minimise potential side effects and ensure you safely achieve your desired goals, you must follow the administration, dosage and instructions given to you by our highly trained physician. Our doctor also recommends that patients take the medication alongside a low-calorie, healthy diet, ensuring that the metabolism is maintained to prevent rapid weight gain once the course is finished. It is also important to remain hydrated while taking Slim Jab.

What happens after Slim Jab?

The active ingredient in Slim Jab helps to maintain your blood sugar levels so your body never experiences keto-acidosis, also known as starvation mode. It also keeps your metabolism active even with reduced calorie intake so there is no rapid weight gain when you stop using the product and begin eating more. Because it’s also helped you manage your hunger and avoid cravings, you will have developed healthy eating habits which you can continue to follow once you have finished your course. Plus, once you see the fantastic result you’ve achieved with Slim Jab you will be motivated to keep up with the good habits you have developed, which will help you keep the weight off yourself!

Are there any side effects?

All medication has the potential to include side effects. However, this medication is remarkably well tolerated if taken as prescribed and directed by your medical practitioner. As a result, the vast majority of our patients who have followed the medication plan alongside our guidance have not reported experiencing any side effects. Where patients do experience symptoms, one of the more commonly reported side effects is slight nausea, however this usually disappears with continued use of the medication. Other side effects may include diarrhoea and dyspepsia. During your consultation you will receive further information from our medical professionals which will tell you everything you need to know regarding your new medication. The medication itself has been used in several countries as an ‘off label’ product to effectively manage and aid with weight loss for some time. It is FDA approved in the United States and has passed many rigorous clinical safety trials, recently becoming the only approved injection prescription medicine for weight-loss that is available within the United Kingdom.

Who can use Slim Jab?

Slim Jab is suitable for men & women aged 18 to 75, but is not available to everyone. Our medical practitioner will conduct a review of your full medical history before prescribing. Below are some disqualifying conditions:

  • Patients using medication for diabetes
  • Patients with a BMI lower than 20
  • Pregnant individuals or patients who are breastfeeding
  • We may show concern to patients with eating disorders, body dysmorphia or other mental health issues
  • Patients we feel do not qualify for any other reason which may arise within your consultation

Throughout the course of medication, we monitor and review our patients’ progress. If we feel you are losing too much weight, your BMI drops too low, you no longer require the medication or if we have any other concerns regarding your mental/physical health and well-being, we reserve the right to discontinue your prescription.


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