The first step on your Slim Jab weight loss journey will be to have a consultation with our doctor to evaluate your medical history to see if Slim Jab is right for you.* Consultation is available either via phone, online video chat or in person at our clinic in Cheshire. In order to book an appointment, you’ll first need to fill out our online form.


If after the consultation you are deemed suitable for the program, you will be prescribed the medication which comes in easy to use pre-filled and dose adjusted pens for you to administer in the comfort of your own home. Pens last approximately three weeks, and when used in line with the prescribed course of treatment you can expect to lose up to stone in just four weeks. Note that new patients are only able to order one pen initially, for your own safety and to ensure that you can tolerate the drug. After the initial consultation and once you have successfully used the first pen, further pens may be ordered

1 slim Jab pen consultation with registered doctor + super fine needles and small sharps box £250

Further pens can be ordered as below (*only available once you have had a follow-up consultation with our doctor)

  • 1 Pen £120

We will include super fine needles with your pen.

Postal charges apply at £20 per order for the UK and £35 for Ireland, the Isle of Man and the rest of Europe regardless of how many pens are ordered.

From £150

*This treatment is not suitable for diabetics and other reasons for exclusion may apply. Prescriptions are at the full discretion of the doctor and may be refused for any reason.


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