Top 10 Reasons to Choose Slim Jab

If you’re like us, then you probably have been on a weight loss journey throughout your life. And on that journey, you’ve probably tried more than a few fad diets and slimming pills – and no doubt most of them didn’t work. Or if they did, then the weight piled back on soon after you went back to your “real life”. It’s tiring and depressing being on the hamster wheel of weight loss, going up and down a dress size or two over and over – believe us, we know! But despair no more, because with Slim Jab there is finally a product that can help set you on the road to success in your weight loss journey. Here are the top 10 reasons to choose Slim Jab to help you lose the weight for good:

10, HELPS YOU CONTROL YOUR HUNGER: Slim Jab controls your hunger by suppressing your appetite, helping you to eat less while stabilising your glucose levels and maintaining your metabolism.

9, SIGNIFICANT WEIGHT LOSS: On average, our patients can lose up to 2 stone in just 6 weeks on the Slim Jab program. Slim Jab allows your body to convert stored fat into energy helping you lose a significant amount of weight in a short amount of time, while ensuring you don’t go into starvation mode.

 8, HELPS YOU MAKE GOOD CHOICES: Slim Jab makes it easier for you to follow a calorie-controlled & healthy diet, avoiding giving in to cravings and helping you build good habits for life!

 7, DOCTOR SUPERVISED TREATMENT: Slim Jab is a prescription-only medication which is prescribed after consultation with our doctor, a UK registered GP with over 36 years’ experience. We monitor and review our patients’ progress throughout the course of medication, ensuring you are losing weight safely.

6, NO RAPID WEIGHT GAIN: Slim Jab helps you maintain your blood sugar levels so your body never experiences keto-acidosis, also known as starvation mode, ensuring there isn’t a spike in weight once you’ve stopped. It also assists in maintaining your metabolism so there is no rapid weight gain when you stop using the product.

5, SEE RESULTS QUICKLY! With appetite suppressing effects seen in just a few days, Slim Jab helps make it easier to follow a low-calorie and healthy meal plan by supressing your appetite, helping you reach your weight loss goal quickly and safely.

4,  IT’S SAFE: Slim Jab is an FDA-approved medication passing through many rigorous clinical safety trials, and has recently become the only approved injection prescription medicine for weight-loss available within the United Kingdom.

3, IT’S SIMPLE! Once a day, a simple and painless injection is performed using an easy to use dose-adjusted & pre-filled injection “pen”.  All you need to do is set the dial to the correct dosage and inject it under the skin of your abdomen. Following your doctor’s plan, you will soon see the pounds and inches drop off.

2, YOU’RE NOT ALONE: We are here for you every step of the way, with a 24 hour help line for you should you need us.

And the Number 1 reason why you should choose Slim Jab is simple: IT WORKS!

But don’t take our word for it – listen to what our patients are saying. Read their Slim Jab Success Stories here, including BEFORE & AFTER shots.

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